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LONELY has been my first single ever released. This like most of my other music creactions  is entirely composed, performed, produced and recorded by me.Hoping to be in power to share as much as I usually feel every time these melodies reach out in my mind.

‘’The Man I am’’ came out as my second single and it’s been one of these melodies which my acustic guitar donated to me. This song is a love story with a smooth vibe and it was a huge challenge for me. I never managed to express my feelings to the ones I love without make them sound weird or not appropriated but this song was a attempt to prove myself wrong. I dedicated this song to the person who had managed to create the Man I am now.

''It's been two years since I've seen the snow'' how could it be? sometimes I might consider my life as a fiction which tend to be the reflection of those dreams I would never see again. This song is dedicated to those who have lost their dreams. Hope you will never lose yours.

This song is just about feeling which I’ve got once. A special friend showed me how the world can be felt through human senses. This experience had changed completely how I see the world. I think I will never be able to go back.

A song which has been dedicated to the love of my life...

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